Thursday, April 21, 2011

Necessities: Stepping into Spring

With summer's refusal even to hint at its arrival here in Chicago, I can't depress myself pondering my future of endless flip-flops and sandals.  I can, however, get excited about flats (provided it ever stops raining :/).  I've done a little hunting about, and I've found some versatile, affordable addition to some awesome, too-expensive choices.

Go for It!

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

All of those shoes are priced under $80 and come in several additional colors.  I particularly like the peep toe with the flower on top, it strikes me as perfect for Easter (which I just remembered is this weekend.  Oops.).  They could all be dressed up or down to suit your daily needs and would provide a good base for any outfit.  Except maybe an experiment in color blocking.  But the black ones would still work!  I rest my case.

Now for the painful part.  It always rolls around, sooner or later.

Dream Big

Top to bottom:  

Aside from the classic style of the shoes, I love Tory Burch because I find the emblem aesthetically pleasing.  There, I said it.  I just love the looks of that little medallion.  If anyone is listening, what I really want is the first pair, the Classic Reza Ballet Flat.  Size 10, please.  They also come in my favorite shade of green, but for daily use, I think the black ones are perfect.  Roommate Sammy actually has the Caroline Flats, and they are also extremely attractive.  I yearn to steal them, but resist because thieving from roommates is evil, plus I have huge feet so they wouldn't fit anyway.  Do I sound like a bad person?  I kid, I kid.  Now, as far as London Sole is concerned, I'm honestly not sure I've ever seen a pair in person, but they suuuuuure do look nice.  Very simple, but oh-so-chic.  And I kind of die for those oxfords.  Who wouldn't want to look like they were about to do a tap number in a classic musical?

I do like to try shoes on before I buy, so I may try to find some of the ones from the first set in a brick-and-mortar store before committing, but if I had the money in my pocket, those TB shoes would be mine in a heartbeat.  In a size 10.  In case you were interested.  Ahem.

Are there any flats you have your eye on for this spring?


Unknown said...

ah can i have all of these shoes?

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Unknown said...

cute flats! i have none!!i am having a giveaway on my blog, that is perfect for spring&summer! a RAD BIKINI by a young Mexican designeer! check it out, you wont be disappointed ♥ i promise!

Pretty Dee Dee said...

I love Tory Burch flats!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for your comment! And I love the little peep toes with the flower on top. I'd already decided they were my favourites before you said you liked them the most! Great minds think alike! haha I think I actually would keep them in that cream colour though! I may be biased because I really need cream flats right now.. but I just think that theyre much more summery and unique! And really, in all honesty, I like them more than the tory burch flats :O
Happy easter! x

Anonymous said...

I loooove Revas but they can get uncomfortable really fast. Cute selections!

Unknown said...

LOVE this post! I own those cognac colored steve madden flats. They're cheap and they go with everrrything!

There's not the most comfortable, but they make me feel like princess jasmine when I wear them (b/c they're flat beyond flat and scoop down).

Definitely recommend them!