Monday, January 23, 2012


Hello sad blog people, who must be missing the glamorous musings that typically pour forth from my loving mind and hands (admittedly, at strange and irregular intervals).  Now that the Christmas rush is over, I can begin demonstrating for you all the wonderful goodies I accumulated throughout the holiday season.


You see, when I first started my love affair with makeup, it was a little friend called MAC Cosmetics that drew my attention, since my darling best friend's mother took me to a fun makeup counter to get my unhealthy habit started.  But in the intervening years, my attention has wandered, which is only to be expected from someone whose behavior could easily be mistaken for that of a 40 year old, I kid you not, but I digress.   BUT LO, I was inspired by the fabulous stylings of Vivianna of Vivianna Does Makeup, and upon her recommendation in a video that I can't find right now because her site is having some growing pains, I sought out the delicious glory of a hot pink lipstick even more tantalizing than the colorful fun found in this post (why don't you go ahead an click on that, take a look at my pretty face, get an idea of what I'm talking about).  So here are my new obsession goodies.  Click on 'em, why don't you.

The "Embrace Me" Lip Pencil, which the site unfortunately says is sold out right now, comes from the Tour de Fabulous collection of new Lipglass lip glosses with coordinating lip pencils.  I would say the above swatch is a fairly accurate rendering.  Their depiction of Girl About Town is, however, woefully inaccurate, as the real color of it is something much closer, albeit a richer version, of the pencil.  Hey, if you're lucky, maybe I'll add a picture of me wearing it later DREAM BIG, KIDS, DREAM BIG.

A word to the wise: if you were thinking about not having pink lipstick on at any point in the day you decide to wear this, forget about it.  That Amplified Creme formula isn't going anywhere.  Seriously, I had Starbucks the first day I wore, and it looked like it came off all over my cup, but it turns out that was just the extra that I should have blotted because I didn't need to touch up AT ALL.  Woah.