Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I wear clothes!

Obligatory Thoughtful Pose

You guys were probably thinking at this point that I don't wear clothes at all, just baked goods and printouts of things I really want to buy, but don't have the money to purchase.  Well, you were WRONG.  I do, in fact, own and wear clothing.  You can hardly tell, but the dress is actually maroon with little white dots all over it.  I've gotten a lot of mileage out of it since I picked it up at Zara in the fall, it's been a life saver on many occasions.  My mother bought me the sweater at Steinmart (I know!  I'm shocked, too!  But I love it.) when we mutually decided that my black Jackie cardigan had reached the end of its life...but it might still be hanging in my closet.  Oops.  I do prefer to wear this one, though, since it's actually black and the other one is more of a miserable faded gray at this point.

Now, the booties, those babies are my pride and joy.  Two and a half years ago, I decided I would die without fold-over ankle booties, and I went on the search for the perfect pair.  They found me and my life was complete, except for all the other things I still want.  Sure, they hurt a little bit, but I have shoes that teach me the true meaning of pain every time I wear them and these?  These are child's play.  Sure, they give me a rather ineffective eight inch stride, but that's why we plan our day around our outfit choices, right?

In case you were wondering, my hair looks like I'm wearing a wig not because I'm a lunatic who has trouble discerning which personality is actually her own, but because it was misting yesterday.  Yet another form of perverse precipitation, it is more active than dense fog and less active than true rain.  It also seems to have found some way to defy the laws of gravity, making an umbrella almost completely useless.  Curly hair + flat iron + mist = strange volume.

And no, I will not be taking a serious photo any time soon.  Baby steps, y'all.  Baby steps.

Dress: Zara
Sweater: Steinmart
Belt: I forget :/
Shoes:  Matisse
Earrings: Lia Sophia
Watch: Gifted Concord


Nessa Happens said...

It's a crazy coincidence, but I too wear clothes!

Sometimes, I even wear them appropriately!

DediLovesFashion said...

lovely dress.

M said...

Hahaha. My hair is going through the same bizzare precipitation madness. What to DO when you can't keep it curly OR straight?!

You look great, btw!

So What If I Like Pretty Things

styled by 3 said...

i love your poses and your booties are fabulous - cute outfit!! you're just adorable!

Anonymous said...

Those fold over booties are almost as wonderful as your poses... almost! I can totally relate to your hair woes. This "spring" weather has me and my hair so frazzled that I almost bought one of those clear hoods that my grandma keeps in her purse (in lieu of an umbrella I might add!) I'm so glad you finally posted an outfit, it looks great. I'm loving the bangs as well.

Joandy said...

cute dress, always fun to read your post:)))

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Anonymous said...

love the poses!

Unknown said...

very cute dress! so excited about an outfit post from you :)

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Fash Boulevard said...

haha. strange volume. love it. your writing is superb. thanks for another inspired post. if you get a free second stop by and check out pics from LA's hottest event held last night. The fash is bananas. xoxo


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Pretty Dee Dee said...

Nice dress and blazer!