Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Coach for Net-a-Porter

This just in!  I just read on Refinery29 that Coach is doing a line for Net-a-Porter, and it looks like it's going to be great.

Click through!

Don't you love the look of that beautiful, dark leather?  There's nothing like a classic leather bag that's both stylish and versatile.  I especially like the looks of the small tan-colored one on the upper right of the image. I can't wait for the line to come out!  Is a leather bag something you've been looking to add to your wardrobe?

Image and words contained therein belong to Refinery29, not me!


styled by 3 said...

yes! i love these!! and i want the little tan one too - please!!


p.s. thank you so much for tagging us with the kreativ blogger award you little sweetheart!!

Alexandra Shanahan said...

My momma still has that big black bucket one...I think I'll just use hers instead of buying a new one, but I love this!

Kasia said...

Fantastic blog!