Monday, April 11, 2011

Chicago Sun Times

The weather here yesterday was gorrrrrrrgeous, 83 degrees and sunny most of the day, with only a hint of apocalypse as the evening hours approached. In light of the niceness, many of my fellow students shed their extra layers and cavorted about in stylish spring clothes. It looked like the whole quad was smiling, what with the abundance of happy spring outfits.  A couple of my friends were looking particularly good while they appreciated this suspiciously good weather.



Because I'm a bad fashion blogger, I forgot to ask where they got all the lovely things they were wearing, but that's probably for the best, because taking the time to write that down would have interfered with my sunning, and we can't have that.  I know Dani's bag is from Urban Outfitters, 'cause someone else asked her (my bad).  I love the contrast between the coral-colored fabric and the dark leather.  I'm also seriously diggin' those shorts, which went perfectly with her casual floral top.  Mallorie was pretty brave, wearing a highly textured sweater in that heat, but it looks great with the simple denim shorts and her fly-as-hell sunglasses.  Throw in the matching bag, and she's looking like a celebrity out to get her Ultimate Frisbee fix.  You know.  Like celebrities do.  'Cause they love it. (wtf am I talking about?)

Thanks to Mallorie and Dani for posing for me, and sorry to Dani for ambushing her while she was trying to collect herself.  And thanks to the great weather for making me believe summer will eventually arrive!  Don't be long now, y'hear?


Unknown said...

J. Crewwww FTW!

Unknown said...

i loveee that blue sweater!

<3 steffy
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styled by 3 said...

oh man... i'm soooo jealous of your weather! not fair!!
but at least your friends are DARLING!!


M said...

I was SO overjoyed for that weather yesterday as well! FINALLY.

Dani's UO bag is fantastic.

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Pretty Dee Dee said...

It looks great, here it´s way too hot, i cant stand it!:/

By Sara Romero said...

haha i love chicago! i love the blue sweater with the shorts, looks so comfy. im following :) hope you can check me out