Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Of all the places in the world...

Wilmette, IL is home to one of only eight Bahá'í Houses of Worship that have ever been built.  Weird, right?  Or at least my East Coast-oriented brain thinks it's weird.  It's really quite something, isn't it?  I think it's beautiful.  As impressive as it might look in that picture, I promise it's positively overwhelming in person.

I decided to go running on Sunday and, since I hate running, I needed a concrete goal to keep me going.  The temple is located about two miles from my apartment, so I thought it would be a pretty solid motivator for my endeavor.  Sure enough, just as I was thinking I would stop and just walk the rest of the way, it came into view in the distance and I couldn't bring myself to give up.  I even jogged all the way up the steps.  It was very Rocky-esque.  And lucky for you all, I brought my handy cellular phone/camera/computer with me and took these pictures.  Ah, technology.

I hope everyone has a lovely Tuesday!


Unknown said...

hope you have a lovely tuesday too!

<3 steffy
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Sandra said...

I hate running too! As a matter of fact, my Facebook status currently says: And why did I think I liked running?
Maybe if I had some checked out scenery like yours I may be a bit more inspired.

Lauren said...

I refuse to run.

But if I did, I'd love to run into beautiful places like this. Happy Tuesday!

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