Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer is for Nail Art: YouTube Tutorials

Hey there! Long time no see. Probably 40% of my posts start that way. Whatever.

I think summer is a great time to experiment with color and pattern not just in fashion, but on your nails! The thought of painting anything on such a small canvas can be intimidating, though (especially if you have shaky hands, like I do). Luckily, the wide world of the internet has some really great tutorials for nail art, whether you want to do something subtle or go for a truly crazy design.

That being said, my two favorite channels are...

CutePolish, which not only has some super unique design tutorials, but also a bunch of videos that teach basic manicure skills! And...

MissJenFabulous. She has a whole series of nail art for beginners videos that each show three easy-to-accomplish designs. I plan on giving a bunch of them a try this summer as most of them don't even require any special tools. She also does beauty videos, which we know I love, right?

Will you be attempting any nail art this summer?