Tuesday, May 3, 2011


The thing about the weather here is that it will screw with you mercilessly until you no longer have the ability to guage accurately what clothes you ought to be wearing.  You're thinking, "But Harris, why don't you just calm down and take it all in stride (and just show us what you're wearing today)?" Well, I'll tell you, I wish I could, but when you look at the forecast and it tells you it's going to be 48 degrees, so you put on your wool coat and your Uggs because you just don't feel like being cold anymore, and then it turns out 48 has decided to feel a lot more like 58 so you're sweating, it leaves you feeling a little ticked off.
Whew, glad I got that off my chest. In spite of everything I just said, at least it's not cold, and I will probably get to go outside to enjoy the weather firsthand at some point, rather than just staring at it through the window while I sit at work.
At any rate, happy Tuesday everyone! I leave you with some images of my morning, and I promise this blog will stop being about the weather soon. Do you have any greivances against nature lately?


Kori said...

Not really, just wishing I wasn't so damn afraid of skin cancer so I could go to the tanning booth lol. Hope you are having a great Tuesday honey! Kori xoxo


Katherine said...

I hate unpredictable weather! I hope it stabilizes soon...:)

Unknown said...

ick sorry about your weather situation!

<3 steffy
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El said...

It's funny but every time I write a post, I want to say something about the weather, too! It's either absolutely sunny/warm or absolutely rainy/cold :) I love it either way :)

classy & fabulous


Pretty Dee Dee said...

I love the last two pictures!

Anonymous said...

Oh girl I hear you about the wild weather! I seriously almost had a meltdown this morning when it was cold enough for mittens. It's may darn it, you shouldn't need mittens in May! Don't worry about you'll kick mother nature's butt next time. Hope your trip was great!