Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My twin has graduated!

Hey y'all!  I know, it feels like forever since you've read a good post from me, and your life has been desolate without the endless charm of my words.  Fear not!  I have returned.

Seriously though, you'll have to forgive me if I am somewhat less present in the next two weeks, as I am still in school, and it waited until just now to really start kicking my ass.  I got a couple of exciting new dresses though, so your patience will be rewarded with elusive outfit posts!  Not today, though, today you get pictures from [insert derogatory adjective here] New Haven.

I'm so funny.  Biggest dork everrrrrr accidentally left her camera in the hotel room on Sunday, so I have only cell phone pictures to show you for the only part of the extravaganza involving Tom Hanks.  Enjoy, though!

I slept on that.  If you can call it sleeping.
Deeeeeelicious mimosa and hors d'oeurves at Nina's friend's graduation brunch on Saturday
Nina and her old roommates Vicky, Shirley, and Phoebe, to whom I apologize for using this shot, but everyone's eyes were closed in the other one.  I like to think she gave me a saucy look knowing I would use this one.
Super stealth
Busiest brunch everrr
That's Tom Hanks!
Very excited twin person, Mom, and Mickey Mouse balloon
I had wine.
It was all very lovely, and I wish I could have stayed for all three days (!) of graduatingness, but silly me, I go to a school that doesn't get out until June.  Congratulations, my twin person, I am very proud of you!

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Unknown said...

that is so amazing!!! congrats to her :)

<3 steffy
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