Friday, May 13, 2011

Vice Report: Week of 5/9/11

This is a big deal.

Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Shorts: Gap
Necklace: Banana Republic
Flip flops: Old Navy

I told myself that I wouldn't go around purchasing any more clothing after my wild, mid-winter, depression-inspired shopping spree.  This, however, is something altogether different.  As many of you know, I only wear skirts and dresses, something I've done almost exclusively since I was five years old.  I haven't owned a pair of shorts since I was 17, a pair of pants since I was 15, and a pair of jeans since I was 13.

It's been a while.

The problem is that I've started liking shirts more, and people notice when you wear the same skirt five days of the week even if they don't notice someone wearing jeans five days of the weeks.  So I settled for shorts.  Admittedly, very baggy shorts that might be a little too large for me, but hey, baby steps, right?  Right.

I hope everyone's week was wonderful, have an excellent weekend!


Kori said...

That long really??? Wow! You look too cute! Hope you can check out my Fashion Friday post honey! Have a great weekend! Kori xoxo

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the pants club! I have always loathed shorts but now I'm seriously thinking about buying some of those paper bag shorts to ease into the trend. Have a great weekend and I'm loving the continued outfit posts. Oh and it's suppose to dip back down into the 40's next week and rain forever. Boo fickle climates.