Thursday, May 12, 2011

Boston, Day 2

That's a big old bunch of graduates, no? In the vicinity of 3,000, as I understand it.  Steph's Commencement was at 10:00am on Friday morning, and that meant an early start to the day in order to get everywhere we needed to be on time.  Up at 6, in cabs at 7:30, in TD Garden by 8:15 so we could have excellent seats.

Flash forward to 12:30 -- that's right, four hours later -- and we're released from what was one of the coldest buildings I have ever been in, and we all headed over to Boston Commons to take graduation pictures.

Twin person guarding the handbags.  Grrrr.
Steph's roommate Alysoun and her brother Christopher.  Looks like they're taking an engagement picture, right?  We made fun of them the rest of the day.
Dresses, L to R: H&M, Diane von Furstenberg, Modcloth, Anthropologie

Diane von Furstenberg Dress, Michele Watch

The weather was beautiful the whole day, and the picture's taken by Steph's dad were spectacular.  He has one of those big, fancy cameras that make everything look good, unlike my little camera (which is, admittedly, much easier to carry around).

After pictures, we headed off to lunch...after Stephanie and I had to go buy flip flops because we both wore shoes that did not care to accommodate the swelling of our feet.  Classic mistake.  We at lunch at Stephanie's on Newbury, but at this point, due to my extreme hunger, the picture taking dried up rapidly.  Additionally, my own mother showed up, so I devoted my time exclusively to enjoying the company rather than taking pictures of them.  Later in the day we hit up a few bars, including Lir on Boylston Street, which I rather liked the atmosphere of, and the night ended without incident.

All in all, I had a really terrific time, and Boston was wonderful to all of us.  My biggest congratulations to my oldest and best friend, and congrats to everyone else who graduated last week!


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