Tuesday, May 17, 2011

St. Barts

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I'm a little scared to think of the things I would do to be where that beach is right now instead of in still-too-cold Miseryville.  And I've never even been to St. Barts.

When the craving for summer just gets too strong, and I can't stand to look at my pallid face anymore, I pull out one of my all-time favorite makeup items, the NARS Multiple in St. Barts. I would describe the color as similar to wet sand, but with some glitter in it.  I don't know about you, but I find that description appealing.  Either way, it definitely goes onto my skin darker than it looks above.  Although it can look like war paint while you're applying it, the texture is perfect and it blends into my skin beautifully.  With just a little bit on my forehead and the tip of my nose, and a big sweep on each cheekbone, my face instantly looks more alive.  Plus, when it gets to be actual summer (and I get to be actually tan), a few quick swipes and your makeup looks totally complete with almost no effort!  It also makes a great base for a variety of eyeshadow colors.

Now if only real summer would hurry up and get here!


Kendra said...

I've been wanting to get the NARS multiple for so long!


Unknown said...

omg the water is so beautifully blue!

<3 steffy
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El said...

Oh my Gosh! I just talked yesterday to my friend about St. Barts - and here is your post! Isn't that weird?! =)


Anonymous said...

I wish I was in St. Barts right now, I feel your yucky weather pain. Ugh to cold, damp & rainy spring weather! I loved your description, shimmery wet sand is what I'm looking for!