Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sometimes It's Actually Like Magic

HI.  So, my little sister spent the past eight weeks in London, and was kind enough to bring me some goodies for cheaper than I can get them here in the good old U.S. of A., only one of which I'm going to talk about right now (I'll do the others when I've had a bit more time to work with them.)  All I can say is, if they are all as delightful as this one, my bank account is going to have some serious issues.

That's Marimekko bedding, btw.  Bought it at Marshall's.  I win.

Bourjois Paris Magic Nail Polish Remover.

Does it actually take one second?  DON'T BE STUPID.  Is it actually magic?  YES.  A couple of twists of the finger and BAM! No more nail polish annoyingly sticking around, interfering with your new nail color.  Seriously, it took me maybe two minutes to do both hands.  No, a minute and a half.  DOESN'T MATTER IT WAS FAST AND DIDN'T SMELL BAD.  This product came to my attention courtesy of my very favorite makeup blog, Vivianna Does Makeup, you should totally all go check it out.  Lots of good recs, even if some of it is easier to obtain in the UK.

Now, I'm not gonna lie.  That link above?  Yeah, the price of this with that shipping is total crap, especially since I don't know how long this sucker is going to last.  That, however, is the only place I've been able to find that ships to the US.  But I'll tell you what, if it puts in a good long haul, the time it saves me might be worth the money.  I mean, I paint my nails like, three times a week.  That's a good deal of nail polish removing.  Especially since I have twelve new Essie polishes (AM I EVEN KIDDING).

Monday, August 27, 2012

Late Summer Makeup

If you're anything like me, the rigors of summer (i.e. excessive heat) make wearing makeup an all but impossible task.  It doesn't matter how perfect the formula, I walk around looking like someone just dumped a bucket of water on my head pretty much as soon as the temperature starts hanging around the 80s, which obviously obliterates any products I could put on in the morning.  But now that we've had some blissful days in the 70s, my face-primping tendencies have been clamoring to get out again.