Monday, August 27, 2012

Late Summer Makeup

If you're anything like me, the rigors of summer (i.e. excessive heat) make wearing makeup an all but impossible task.  It doesn't matter how perfect the formula, I walk around looking like someone just dumped a bucket of water on my head pretty much as soon as the temperature starts hanging around the 80s, which obviously obliterates any products I could put on in the morning.  But now that we've had some blissful days in the 70s, my face-primping tendencies have been clamoring to get out again.

Not wanting to be too ambitious, I try to keep things pretty low-key, so as not to waste precious goodies when I have to wipe my face on my shirt as I start to sweat like a pig running a marathon.

My routine is pretty simple.  First, I apply Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Bisque and Bobbi Brown Concealer in Warm Sand.  Then, I lay down a little Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 in 2.5 Warm Sand, you really only need one pump to get light coverage on your whole face (which is what I've been going for since I've been improving my skin with a new skincare routine, more on that later).  To top it off, I like to use the NARS Multiple in St. Barts, although the one I'm using right now is a small sized South Beach I got in a holiday kit a while back.  Although the shade is nice, I would recommend St. Barts, especially as we head into fall, as South Beach is has just a tad too much orange in it for me.  For a healthy look, I just swipe it across my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, the top of my forehead, and a dot on my chin.  Then just blend as you like with your fingers!

Next week, I'll do a bit on how to transition this simple look into fall.  And in case you were thinking that I wasn't my batty, embarrassing self in this post, here's what I was listening to while I wrote it:

This song is probably what's wrong with the world.  For shame, Harris, for shame.

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