Thursday, July 7, 2011

Necessities: Concealer

Errrrrbody knows you need a good under eye concealer to get by, amiright?  That's what I thought.  I know, weird post for the middle of the summer, right?  But, you know, we can't all go makeup-less.  I happen to be afflicted with hereditary dark circles, so no matter how much sleep I get (which is a lot, 'cause I got mad priorities in the sleep division), I still look a little bit like I got punched in the face all the time.  This is not, I think we can agree, the ideal look.  So while I strip down my makeup routine significantly once my summer tan makes its triumphant arrival, I still gotta be taking care of those black and blues (jk, I ain't no thug).

After years of strugs, last winter I finally found a method to the madness that worked for me.  I had been using NARS concealer, but it wasn't quite getting the job done, especially in the winter months when I look like death warmed over from lack of sun exposure.  My best friend, Stephanie, adores Bobbi Brown products, so I thought I would check out their options for under eye circle combating and boy, was I pleased.

I use the corrector in Light Bisque and the concealer in Warm Ivory since I am apparently far paler than I thought.  I did have to pick up a concealer brush in order to apply the product, but since I dropped a cool fifty dollars on the makeup, I hit up my local CVS for the cheap version of the event.  I prefer nice brushes, but the ones I have haven't failed me yet, and I won't want to murder someone if I accidentally lose them.

If you could pick a theme for my "Necessities" posts, it should probably be that it's about something I either want desperately or am suddenly lacking in my life.  It is fitting, therefore, that I have just run out of these products and will need to sell a couple of pints of blood in order to replenish my supply (I realize that this would make my dark circles worse in the effort to make them better).


Unknown said...

love this post, i always use concealer under my eyes!

<3 steffy
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El said...

This is a very helpful information for my next trip to Sephora :)

Mary Lane said...

I've never been able to effectively cover up my dark circles but you've given me new hope!

Rahel Stephanie said...

Hi there! Lovely blog, i followed you :)
btw, im doing a giveaway for a YSL shirt on my blog
hope you'll check it out!!!


Anonymous said...

This post was so entertaining to read! I actually also get dark circles under my eyes, but I primarily suffer from puffy eyes which has no cure that I have found!

I gave up long ago on trying to conceal my bags, mainly because cheap brands dont make things in my colour :( And most makeup is on average double american prices so I hate buying things that dont work!

Hope youre enjoying the warm weather :)

Anonymous said...

white eye shadow on the inner eye and concealer to hide the bags is essential (freaking a, I swear my new camera shows every pore!) Love this post, seriously you have the best sense of humor and wit, love your writing.