Monday, July 11, 2011

Is everything bigger in Texas?

Last weekend, one of my friends from high school, Kendall, had a little get together in celebration of her graduation and impending move to Houston, from which she had moved to NJ in 7th grade and to which she was always eager to return.  In addition to having some badass margaritas at said party, she looked extremely fashionable, rocking the maxi dress and layering it.

I was impressed.  Don't she look lovely in spite of my obviously inadequate skills as a photographer?  Aside from the murderous mosquitoes and flies that haunt these parts in July, it was a beautiful night, and I was very happy to see some old friends.  Plus we drank the margaritas out of adorable jam jars.  Win.  I'll miss Kendall terribly, but I guess that's just one more reason to get my ass down to Houston.

P.S. I remember that I promised more outfit posts, but I seem to have forgotten that all I wear in the summer is a bathing suit and a cover-up.  I shall try to do better.


M said...

She looks tres chic! The drape on that t is really lovely.

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Unknown said...

i love her maxi skirt :)

<3 steffy
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Anonymous said...

Margarita's and a little backyard partying sounds perfect right about now. Love her style and the cute decorations she's got going on in the background.

Kendall said...

Why thank you, Harris! Hope all is well...miss you tons and love your blog.

Mary Lane said...

Very cute! I would not be able to handle any layers in this heat, though. Props to her for staying cool!

El said...

Your friend looks so lovely :) She is rocking the maxi skirt, that's for sure!