Friday, July 1, 2011

Vice Report: Week of 6/27/11

You thought I had forgotten all the gimmicks I came up with during my time in the frozen tundra, didn't you?  Well, the Vice Report rears its ugly head once more!  Mwahaha!

I know, you're really glad you have that image in your life now.  ANYWAY, since today marks the end of the first week since my return to New Jersey, it makes sense that the one thing I have totally overloaded on is...

THE BEACH.  Except I haven't even overloaded.  I went everyday in the past week that it was nice enough to be outside, and sometimes when it wasn't (it probably helps that I work there in addition to lounging there), and I still don't feel like I got enough time with my precious oceanside haven.  But in case you were worried that this post would be fashion-free, boy do I have a treat for you.

First of all:

Literally, a perfect day. And no, palm trees are not native to New Jersey, but only the state of Texas has more completely perfected the art of doing exactly what it wants, when it wants.  The weather was beautiful, and I went with my twin and my friend Roo to see an old friend from high school's band play at a beachside bar a few steps down from my beach club. Since they're a cover band, I had a pretty lovely time lounging in the sun and listening to some fun songs from my extremely distant youth (sarcasm; this is the last time I will point it out).

The dress code for the evening was...casual...

Shoes and masculinity optional
Shirt optional, masculinity mandatory

I don't know those people, but if they see this one day, I mean no harm.  But certainly, a good time was had by all, and the night left me to revel in the glory of being able to go to a bar ten minutes from my house and be at the beach at the same time.  Which I love.  The beach, that is.  IN CASE YOU DIDN'T GET THAT YET.  I think the horse is officially dead.

I hope to post some time this weekend, but in case I don't get to, Happy 4th of July to all of my American readers, and happy first weekend in July to everyone else.  I intend to find my camera and drag it out of the wreckage formerly known as my possessions.  Expect an influx of pictures of fireworks.


El said...

Looks like somebody had a lot fun :)
Nice pictures, Harris!


Anonymous said...

you never fail to crack me up! Hurry up and get back to posting lady, miss your posts a whole bunch!