Friday, April 22, 2011

Vice Report: Week of 4/18/11

This will be brief and only slightly painful.  We've all heard about my unnatural affection for The Secret Life of the American Teenager.  My current obsession is considerably less shameful, but no less time consuming.

I really love this show, you guys.  I loved it four years ago, and watching it now, I think I might love it more.  It causes me physical pain to know that it was cancelled.  It was so funny!  It has actual characters!  It had character!  And I now have a very similar haircut to the one that Amanda Peet had on the show.  My heart is breaking all over again.

I encourage you all to go check it out.  The writing is stellar and the cast is better.  Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford's rapport is unmatched. UNMATCHED, I TELL YOU.

If you want to find me, I'll be locked in my room, crying as I finish watching the first, and only (TEAAAAAAAARRRRRRRSSSSSS!) season of Studio 60.

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Unknown said...

i need to watch this show!

<3 steffy
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