Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Can't get this taste out of my mouth...

Both of these things were said to me as I was sitting on the couch with my roommate last night:

"I just want an over-the-top, ladylike bag, cross body and shoulder, in neon orange or hot pink for under 200 dollars."  (Not too specific.)

And,  "Why are so many purses ugly?"

Truly, words to live by.   Why, indeed, are so many purses ugly?  Perhaps it is only in the eye of the beholder (I find this extremely unlikely).  Thankfully, there are many lovely options with which to amuse myself during my internet cruising.

Sammy proceeded to locate this Kate Spade bag almost immediately via the interwebs, and I must say, I find it quite charming.  Of course, it's $395 and the pink is sold out, but that's just life.  I myself have been desiring something a little less compact.

Also not under $200.  But colors are in, people!  I want some lovin' up on my handbag, as well.  I can't promise I wouldn't buy a knockoff, provided it was juuuust right.  Do you have a handbag mainstay, or do you like to change it up as often as possible?

P.S. Thanks to No Doubt for the post title, love playing iTunes Roulette.


Unknown said...

i love the first bag, great color pink!

<3 steffy
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Collections said...

omg I LOVE that kate spade bag!! Why does it have to be so expensive :(

M said...

I've never bought a Bag with a capital B in my life...always wanted to but could never justify spending the money! Someday soon I'm hoping to make my first investment, and alllllll of the things you listed are on my list of essential traits as well! Too funny.

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Sammy said...

I forgot to say that the PS1 bag would also really fill the whole in my wardrobe. And make a whole in my bank account 80 times bigger.

Anonymous said...

I do lovvee the first bag! Although for the cost, I think id prefer x
a red much cheaper version!

Alexandra Shanahan said...


Ughhh I want that tooo.

I don't have the money to spend, but somehow online shopping packages keep coming to my door, I wonder why that is?

Here is a "lady like" colorful bag, if you can ignore that strippers often wear PVC. enjoy!