Wednesday, April 10, 2013

You Can't See Past My Shades

Here they are, friends:

I did not go with the color-backed Bettys!  I was shocked, too.  But I told myself I would only get thsoe if they were perfect, so I was trying on other styles and these screamed at me!  So now they are mine.  They've got a slight retro touch that you can turn up or down with your outfit.  I can't wait to really get them going once this rainy week clears up.

Today is very thunderstormy, for those of you not dwelling in Chicago.  As much as I complain about nasty weather, I do love thunderstorms because they're the perfect kind of gloomy.  Plus, they are relegated to the warmer months, so I consider them a sign of impending good weather.

Happy Wednesday, friends!


Cait said...

oooh I love thunderstorm weather too, we have an enclosed second floor deck and I love to sit out there when it's storming. I am so glad you went with these Betty's, so beautiful!

- Caitlin

London Loafers said...

They look awesome! Loving it :)