Friday, April 19, 2013

Um, It's Snowing Today...

So there's that.

Can't say I'm real pleased, to tell you the truth.  I like to think that snow should stick to months occurring between November and March, not before, not after.  It's grumping me, juuuuuuust a bit.  Since I had to head to the grocery store to pick up milk anyway, I decided to check out the flowers, and came across these firey beauties.

They are cheering me considerably.  My previous selections needed some refreshing anyway.  They started to have that molding greenery smell.  Not the best.  But these ones are nice and fresh, and they are certainly bringing some much needed brightness to this Friday!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and are safe with your loved ones.  There's been entirely too much tragedy this week, and I encourage everyone to think on the good things!


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walking dot photography said...

Ugh, I TOTALLY agree! Had to wake up early for a shoot this morning and was NOT pleased to see the white stuff. COME FASTER, SUMMER! lol ;)