Thursday, April 18, 2013

Miscellany #4

My friend's adorable Kate Spade clutch | T+J Designs ring | Le Creuset wall at Sur La Table
Lee-Lee the Golden Retreiver | Cheerful flowers by moi | My biggest accomplishment this week

Here are some of the images I've collected over the past week or so.  My finger is pointed down oddly in the ring picture because I chipped the nail on the way to the train, haha.  So stealthy of me.  Especially considering I saw fit to tell you anyway.

I'm seriously proud of that orange peel, though.  Don't hate.  Not everyone can peel one in almost one piece.

The weather here is really atrocious, I was awake for about an hour at 4am but to raucous thunderstorms, so I'm feeling slightly out of sorts today.  And suggestions for getting back into my groove?  Hope y'all's week is turning out a little drier, and that mine shapes up soon!

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