Thursday, April 4, 2013

It Burns, It Burns!

Well, not yet, it doesn't, but it will.  I'm talking about the sun, of course.  Now, I'm young and vain enough (and Irish and Puerto Rican enough) to still enjoy getting a sunburn that turns into an effing golden goddess tan.  I am looking into some fake bake options of the self-tan variety, because anyone with half a brain knows that those sun coffins in tanning salons will put you in the grave (if you didn't know that and you're reading this, please let me help you, keep reading this blog), but that takes a bit of an investment that I'm going to need to wait for a second job to fill, natch.

In the meantime, however, I am so not about continuing to squint in the sun, y'all.  I need a new pair of sunglasses.  I always lose my sunglasses on the train, even once in Florence, and I understand that using public transportation in Chicago makes this an inevitability, but I want them.  They make my eyes feel good.

Sunglasses 2013 - Get On My Face!

Soooooo, here are some that I think would be just plain groovy.  I think vintage style sunglasses are just the way to go, who doesn't like to hearken back to a more glamorous time while they're strolling about, preferably in a bathing suit?  I would be remiss if I didn't admit that I've already found my target in that bunch: the Color Backed Betty Sunglasses from Anthropologie.  Do I love some of the others?  Of course, but with my propensity for shedding sunglasses like hair on a shampoo day, I think the $38 option is the safe way to go.  Plus, I've already tried them on and they are fabulous.  Seriously, I look like a movie star.

What kind of sunnies will you be rocking my fine friends of the blogosphere?

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Cait said...

You have fabulous taste in sunnies Harris! I would love to wear each and everyone of these. I have a serious addiction to sunglasses, I probably have close to two dozen pairs but I'm always looking for more. I have friends who tell me I should just invest in one nice pair of sunnies, but I'd rather have a bunch of cheap pairs that I can use and abuse all summer long.

- Caitlin