Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Essie Spring Collection 2013: Hip-anema

Surely you could guess that I, like most nail polish junkies, love a good red.  I probably have 8 or 10 already, but there's nothing quite like finding a new one, and they are all different to me.  And so, when I came across this offering from Essie's Spring 2013 Collection, I couldn't stop myself.

    Essie Hip-anema. Poppy red, so perfect for spring, when you need to get away from your burgundies and blue-based reds.  Good coverage, though not quite as creamy as I like in an opaque polish.  I can see this transitioning well into summer, with traditional nautical wear and other classic late spring pieces, but it'll have a hard time up against this year's unstoppable trend of mint.  A punch of color suits, but it would be a bit sickly in this combination.
   Wear is pretty standard for an Essie polish, but I don't get my hackles up about that due to my need to constantly change my nail color.  I think it makes a good spring red, but not a great one.  I prefer Spring 2012's Olé Caliente or just jumping the gun to Too, Too Hot from Summer 2011.  Still, another solid red is nothing to shake a stick at, and when I want something that leans orange without jumping ship all the way into that territory, I would definitely go with Hip-anema.

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