Friday, March 22, 2013

Recipe: Smitten Kitchen Flat-Roasted Chicken

As you may know, Spring hasn't exactly rolled into Chicago in the friendliest of ways.  I've taken this quite hard, and I have tried quite a few things to cheer myself up.  But one of the most lovely things I think you can do to comfort yourself when the weather just keeps beating you down is to have some solid home-cooked food.

Since I obtained the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook a few short days after its release, I've been working my way through it, and my, has it been spectacular. This is one of the least complicated recipes in the book, I'm convinced even a cooking noob could totally execute it with maximum deliciousness.  The chicken turns out wonderfully juicy, and the potatoes are simply divine.  If you so chose, a simple salad would go wonderfully with this meal, but I prefer to be honest with myself about what I want to take up the most room in my stomach.

Out of respect for the book's author, Smitten Kitchen's Deb Perelman, I'm going to decline to post the specific recipe here. I heartily encourage you to pick up a copy of the cookbook, which is available on Amazon, as well as a number of other outlets.

This meal definitely bolstered me for the continuing cold weather.  Is there anything you like to cook when the weather gets you down?

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