Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Essie Resort Collection 2013: First Timer

I happened upon the 2013 Essie Resort Collection and, of course, had to pick up a couple of shades. I mean, they were just screaming, "It's time for the beach!" at me. How could I resist? The first is First Timer, which looked appealingly green with tropical blue undertones in the bottle.

As I suspected, it had an exceptional cream texture, and could definitely be a one-coater if I ever find the patience for precision. I was a little concerned about the color on my nails, as it seemed much...punchier, even neon, than it had in the bottle, but when I woke up this morning, my early suspicions were confirmed. The topcoat I used seems to have altered the color, as I can still see bits of the true color peeking through. I'll have to pick up a better topcoat, but based on what I see around the edges, it should be a bit mellow compared to the current shade. I definitely anticipate this color making a number of appearances this spring and summer.


Unknown said...

Such a fun color! I haven't purchased any Essie Spring colors yet... but this one might be on my wishlist now!


London Loafers said...

I absolutely love this colour! :)