Friday, March 15, 2013

New: Reader Outfit Spotlight

When nothing is facing you but gray days and the same insane clothing combinations intended to keep you warm, what do you do to stay jolly?  It's as good a question as any, and one I've been considering quite a good deal lately.  I always feel like spring should make itself known as soon as March rolls around, even though after 5 Chicago winters, I know that isn't how it works.  Honestly, I need to relax.  How many times a day do I really need to check the weather channel?

So, my friends, what is the solution?  A poor actress can only buy so much to cheer her up before important things like needing to buy food and pay rent butt their way into the picture.  I think, however, I have come up with something that will amuse me, and you, too.

Challenge: Send me a picture of you and a brief description of your outfit, and I'll pick my favorite(s) and do a little feature every Wednesday.  I think it will give us all a chance to expand our mental wardrobes and see what's going on outside our own little spheres.

 - Don't be nasty.  You know what I mean.
 - Be sure you have permission to use the picture.  I don't want anybody getting up in my grill about that.
 - Selfies are fine, I actually think they can show a lot of personality, but make sure we can actually see your outfit.
 - If you send me a really tiny image, I can't use it, so make sure it's big enough to be a full-sized picture in a post, 480 x 640 pixels
- Make sure all photos are either in PNG or JPG format.
- Send all pictures to with the words READER OUTFIT SUBMISSION in the subject line
- All photos must be submitted every Monday by 11:59pm CDT

I can't wait!

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