Monday, March 18, 2013

Chicago St. Patrick's Day 2013: A Classy Affair

Chicago celebrated St. Patrick's Day on Saturday (and Friday and Sunday, and maybe last Thursday, too), so some of my pals and I took off to have a look at the very very very green river. It's a tradition that the Chicago River is dyed green every year and I must say, it's quite a hue.  Nearly fluorescent, in fact.  Against Saturday's gray sky, it left quite an impression, you can check out my instagram to the right to have a better look at the water.

Wanting to be as festive as possible without baring ourselves to the cold (my friend knows a warm hat when she sees one), we did our nails in Revlon Posh with accents of Essie Good as Gold and Set in Stone.  After some good wandering around the Loop, we decided to head north and ended up having a late lunch at The Barrelhouse Flat in Lincoln Park.  Uncharacteristically, it wasn't totally packed to the gills, so we got to enjoy the fare and a good drink.  I guess everybody else wanted green beer?

Hope you had an enjoyable weekend, celebrating or not!  Anyone end up in the paddywagon?

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Cait said...

love how you all had spirited manis! We partied the night before St. Patty's and ended up keeping it lowkey on Sunday (thankfully) my liver can only take so much!

- Caitlin