Monday, July 8, 2013

Hello, Goodbye

That's honestly how fast my trip to New Jersey felt, like I was leaving as soon as I got there, ten days in ten seconds. I flew back to Chicago yesterday, and said my goodbyes Saturday. Being woefully sentimental as I am, I wept like a little child.

The magnificent Beau's sad goodbye. Those eyes! Sniff.

My last glimpse of the Atlantic for what I assume will be quite some time.

The closest I have ever been to the outside of the plane.

The last look I grabbed of New Jersey before boarding.

My sadness was tempered only by the knowledge that some new treats awaited  me in Chicago. I promptly treated my janky nails to a fresh new manicure with Essie Naughty Nautical from the summer collection. (Side note: is anyone else getting totally bummed out by the release of fall collections? I swear, it's the only time of year I wish beauty releases could be held off a little longer so I can hang on to the current season!)

This is a beautiful green turquoise with just the slightest hint of a shimmer, so slight as to be pretty much undetectable unless you're in full sunlight. The bottle definitely lies about how much sparkle you're going to get, and I wish it were just a little bit more apparent on the nail to capture a little of that incandescence of summer.  The formula is very nice other than that, a standard two coats will do you for opacity. I definitely like this color enough to put it in rotation, and maybe do some nail art experimentation, who knows?

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