Friday, July 12, 2013

Summertime Watermelon

Funnily enough, I am not a huge fan of watermelon.  To be perfectly honest, I find it a little too watery.  Don't worry, I appreciate how stupid that sounds.  Nevertheless, this nail polish has been on my lust list for well over a year, and I found myself with a good number of CVS ExtraCare bucks that were about to expire.  I almost forgot about this gorgeous pink, but I spied it at the last minute and pulled the trigger quicker than you can say "impulse buy."

You'll excuse the messiness around my cuticles, I just painted my nails and have yet to take the shower that will wash those extra bits away because I'm too lazy to use a Q-tip to get rid of them.  Essie Watermelon is even better than I could have imagined!  The texture is lovely, nice and thick, and you can get great coverage in just one coat.  It's a bit more magenta than it looks in these pictures and goes on slightly darker than it looks in the bottle.  Nice and fruity!  Definitely in competition with my old favorite Fruit Sangria (which I still don't own, grrrrr).

You know, despite the fact that I refuse to wear pants and paint my nails all the time and am obsessed with makeup, I don't think of myself as being particularly girly.  The 13 pink nail polishes I have beg to differ.  Not to mention all the glitter.  Whatever.  DON'T LABEL ME.  Actually, I don't care, do whatever you want.

Y'all have a stellar weekend (and I mean it, let your weekend be filled with beautiful stars)!

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