Friday, June 24, 2011

Graduation, Day 2

Not content with one ceremony, Northwestern actually handed me my degree last Saturday -- but only after I turned in my rented robe to them. As a result, I have no pictures with my diploma and my robe on. A small price to pay for a college degree, I think.

In the morning, we wandered around Chicago a little bit, gazing at the bean in all its reflective glory and catching the end of the annual Puerto Rican Parade.


So many bicycles!  I like the guy dressed as Captain Puerto Rico.

Naturally, a different day necessitates a different outfit, as I mentioned when I decided to rent my dresses from Rent The Runway, and I went with something a little less sunshine-y, as this ceremony took place in the evening.  As I look back on the picture of the model, I realize that I was supposed to tie the sash in the back, which I'm sure would have avoided the limp bow situation happening in these pictures.

It was extremely comfortable nevertheless.

Milly Dress
Tahari Heels
Gifted Jewelry

Also, I just noticed that this is only my fifth post for June.  I am an embarrassment to blogging.  Prepare for anxieties galore as I explore life outside of the formal education system!


Anonymous said...

I love that dress and the tank you're wearing in the picture with the bean. Congrats on graduating!

Nina said...

It appears that Mary Lane seems to think (not unreasonably) that the pictures of me in this post are of you!