Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Clearly, things have gotten a little out of control.  I seem to have forgotten my little lovely bloggy here, haven't I?  For shame, Harris, for shame.

Since the last time I posted (a tragically long two weeks ago, yikes!), I completed my last class, turned in my last assignment, and done some world-class lounging in preparation for graduation.  Which is Friday.

Dear.  God.

How could such a thing happen to me?  How could I have finished college?  Yesterday, someone asked me, "Do you go to Northwestern?" and I had to say "I went to Northwestern."  And then I vomited everywhere from shock.  Not really. (Duh.)

One of the senior week activities they planned for us was a trip to the Chicago Botanical Gardens, which are not in Chicago, by the way, and I went with my friends Kelsey and Lauren, and took many lovely photos which I will share with you in a post dedicated to our outing.  You all can hold me to that.  And outfit posts!  I promise them! (I know, I am a terrible promiser, and you don't trust me as far as you can throw me.)  There will also be many graduation photos, I'm sure, if the two I've already been to are any indication.

In summary: I miss you all, I miss my blog, and you can yell at me if I am not prompt with the pictures of pretty flowers.

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