Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Graduation, Day 1

"I was a Wildcat when Wildcats were wildcats."
                                                      -- Stephen Colbert

Lilly Pulitzer Dress
Tahari Wedges

I'm not good at taking pictures when I'm distracted, so that's why you are not gazing upon the visage of Stephen Colbert, who gave an absolutely hilarious speech at our Commencement last Friday.  What was apparently the only picture taken of me with my camera on this day was taken before I figured out that I would have to give up on my bangs as long as I was required to wear a mortarboard.

And speaking of academic regalia, let me tell you a little something about those purple robes.  Based on my experience at Stephanie and Nina's graduations, I thought I would be in your standard, tea length, flimsy, synthetic robe, just purple instead of black.  Oh, no.  What I got was a nearly floor length, thick-materialed, suffocating mass of purple synthetic fabric.  It was, in case you were wondering, very hot out on the field.  My apologies for the lack of pictures, but the heat definitely contributed to my unwillingness to make any unnecessary movements such as reaching for my camera.

Stay tuned for day 2...


M said...

Congratulations!! Those robes are difficult to work but you pulled it off :) Mine were also freakishly heavy, man it made it for a long ceremony...

So What If I Like Pretty Things

Anonymous said...

Congrats! That purple is so pretty! I dont really understand the whole american graduating thing; you have more than one day??I cannot wait to graduate.. only 3.5 years to go *sigh*
oh and I love your shoes! They go perfectly with that yellow as well!

El said...

Congratulations, girl!!! And the dress is lovely, love its color :)



Anonymous said...

Congrats! Not many could pull off the brite and suffocatingly hot purple like you. Loving the yellow dress and you couldn't have picked cuter heels. Welcome to the real world!