Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bad Hair Day Beatdown, Part 2

Ready for the styling products? Here we go...

Living Proof Prime Style Extender
My best friend once expressed shock at seeing what my hair looked like post-blow dry, pre-flat iron. For those of you wondering, picture the cartoon aftermath of someone sticking their finger in an electrical socket. Yeah. Not Great. One day, I stumbled across this stuff, though, and my life changed and getting my hair smooth and straight became a significantly easier experience. Seriously, I run a dollop of this stuff through my wet hair and it takes me all of 25 minutes to get my hair looking real nice. It used to take me an hour and fifteen minutes to get the same effect. THAT IS A BIG DEAL.

Oscar Blandi Dry Texture Spray
This remains one of the only wins from my admittedly brief experience with Birchbox a few years ago. I got a travel size in one of my boxes and I've been repurchasing ever since. It gives instant lift at the roots on those days when your hair just seems a little flat. I love it.

Bumble and bumble Surf Spray 
I got bangs in March. I love them, but I can't wear them right now because the sweat from my own head makes them do insane things, like form them into a pompadour. No me gusta. But my sister-in-law, who happens to be a licensed cosmetologist, recommended I use this on my bangs before blow drying to hold them in place, and boy was she right! This does a great job adding the right amount of texture to keep my bangs in place on most days. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite suit the texture of the rest of my hair, so I turned to...

Bumble and bumble Surf Infusion Spray
Like the original, but includes oil to nourish and get along with us ladies who have hair of a coarser texture. It turns my crazy weird curls into beachy curls, achieving what I had hoped for out of the original Surf Spray. Yay!

Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil
I'm gonna be totally up front: this is stupid expensive. But it gives me the best air-dried curls I have ever had using any product, bar none. If you're in the mood for a splurge, or someone is looking to give you a fancy gift, this turns my frizzy, temperamental hair

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