Friday, August 21, 2015

Airbrush Without the Air

Fellow makeup addicts, I know you know the feeling when a product haunts you until you buy it. Last year, after an emergency dentist appointment in which I discovered I was in urgent need of a root canal (I KNOW), I found myself in the Sephora just around the corner. Intending to assuage myself with a new foundation purpose, that's just what I did, but what really stuck with me during the visit was the brush the nice lady used to apply the foundation I ended up buying.

Cut to ten months later and I finally took the plunge on the Sephora Collection Pro Full Coverage Airbrush #53. It applies my full coverage foundations flawlessly, and the bristles are so densely packed that it doesn't leave any of that tell-tale streaking that a lot of foundation brushes can give. Did I mention it's so soft I wish I could wear it?

My favorite way to apply foundation using this brush is to spread a pump all over my skin with my fingers, concentrating on the middle, and then smooth everything out to a flawless, even finish with the brush. And there you have it! An airbrushed finished without any of the rigamarole. What could be better?

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