Monday, April 7, 2014

Essie Spring 2014: Style Hunter

I thought Romper Room would be my favorite from this collection, but we've got a one coat wonder on our (my) hands here.
This lovely bright pink is called Style Hunter. I've long placed Fruit Sangria on a pedestal as my favorite bright pink summer color, but I don't actually own it – I discovered it in my "getting professional manicures" phase. This color reads slightly redder than that oldie, but I think it's very chic while still getting that massive color payoff that I like to use to lift my spirits before the trees start growing again.  I'm not sure why (probably because I take all my photos on an iPhone camera), but it's slightly orange in these pictures, when in fact it's a very red pink.

As previously mentioned, this was a one-coater, so I feel real good about that, though it was a bit on the thick side.  That might be because it's cold in my apartment, and I only have a mini bottle of it, but I suspect that's true to it's texture in the larger size as well, since I find that to be the case with most Essie colors that only need one coat.

And I've got Hors D'oeuvres as my accent nail, which I did a post on back in January if you want to check it out.

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