Monday, April 28, 2014

Keepin' It Hot for Spring

You really just have to embrace the selfie sometimes. This outrageously orange lipstick definitely counts as of those moments.  This sucker has been floating around my collection for a while now, but honestly, after my mother told me it wasn't her fave, it kind of fell out of favor with me.  What can I say, I respect my mother's opinion?

Nevertheless, with the burgeoning spring upon us, and a good spring cleaning rifle through my makeup case, I spied this beauty and immediately knew I needed to wear it again.  MAC's So Chaud, a fiery red-orange, packs quite a punch on the lips, as I think you can see.  It's in their Matte formula, so it is slightly drying, but it also stays put once applied.  I wear it with the MAC Lip Pencil in Entertain Me, a limited edition true orange lip pencil that's sadly no longer available.  I'm sure you could find an equally appropriate shade to layer underneath, though, and it's worth it since it extends the life of the lipstick quite well.

I just love this pop of color for a spring day, especially with just some black eyeliner and mascara to really make it stand out in the crowd.

What are your favorite brights for spring?

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