Monday, April 21, 2014

All Time Loves: Figuier by Diptyque

Finally, FINALLY, I am the proud owner of a Diptyque candle.  My love for candles in general is fairly well-documented, and pretty well on display in this picture, but I've never quite managed to take the plunge and purchase one of these outrageously luxe darlings...UNTIL NOW.

Thank goodness I remembered a Nordstrom Note I had and realized that I could get this mini candle for practically nothing, especially since Nordstrom has free shipping. I have stalked this candle mercilessly since I my first introduction via Vivianna Does Makeup (honestly, could her blog get any more shoutouts from me?  Probably not).  The scent of this beaut is of the fig tree, and it's just so gloriously fresh smelling, fruity and slightly herbaceous.  It's also quite potent, and in my small bedroom I can smell it without even lighting it. Très bien.

In addition to the absolutely phenomenal scent, which I can't stop sniffing, I'm sure I look crazy, the damn label is just so painfully chic.  Just looking at it makes me feel a bit classier, and we could all use a little class after a rough day of public transit schlepping, right?  In summary, Figuier by Diptyque. If you're going to buy a candle for a ridiculous amount of money, this sucker should be at the top of the list.

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