Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Holiday Hors D'oeuvres

The holidays are certainly a time for shiny things, are they not?   I was unsure about the new Essie Luxe Effects collection, but my sister gave me two of the silvery shades for Christmas, and I'm never one to turn down new nail polish.
BAM!  Pretty awesome, right?  I mean, not the picture, because I have shaky hands, but the nail polish is suuuuuper cool.  Apparently this mofo is sold out pretty much everywhere, but that;s what the internet is for, y'all.  Get yo' hands on this lickety split, while the cold-as-a-witch's-tit weather is still around.  It'll look like you've got ice crystals on your fingernails, and who doesn't like to pretend they're the Snow Queen every now and again?  Speaking of which, I have got to get my ass in gear and go see Frozen, which I hear is positively charming.  Have you seen it?
Happy New Year and cheers to 2014!

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