Monday, May 13, 2013

Embracing the Trend: Ombré Nails

And no, I do not mean each nail is ombré.  After my nail marbling debacle this winter, I decided on something a tad easier.  I finally took the plunge on this trend because it seemed like a simple way to liven up my look, and it requires nothing beyond basic manicure maintainence.

From thumb to pinky, we have OPI Bubble Bath, and Essie A Crewed Interest, Tart Deco, Orange, It's Obvious, and Meet Me at Sunset.  I love all of these shades on their own, and I was pleased with how well they transitioned from one nail to the next.  That said, if I wanted a little more of a difference between the last two nails, I would probably give Essie Too, Too Hot or the spring collection's Hip-anema (post here) for a little extra red kick on the pinky.

I wish I could have figured an opaque color for the thumb, but by then I'd already chosen the other four colors, so I went with the translucent Bubble Bath.

Have any of you tried this with blues?  Tell me what colors make it work!

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