Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Melt on Down to Sunny Santiago

If only a Chilean vacation were in the cards at the moment.

Recently, I had the pleasure of being in my local Anthropologie and caught a whiff of a deliciously fruity scent.  I searched a bit and realized it was a Voluspa Santiago Huckleberry Candle.

Image via Beauty.com

They had both a large version and a mini candle available and, not wanting to commit to the large version should the scent of it have a deleterious effect on the health of my sinuses (review of culprit to follow shortly), I selected the mini version.  Happily, no such effect has occurred, so I will definitely be investing in the large glass iteration when the time comes.  The scent is fruity and mellow at the same time, and subtly fills the room with it's slightly tropical fragrance.

This week is going to be smell-tastic, as I've recently gotten into candles and scents, with some big hits and at least one conspicuous miss.  This one definitely falls into the hits category, so sniff away, my lovey-dovies.

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