Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Weekend!

I hope everyone had a perfectly lovely weekend!  The weather on Friday was, dare I say it, nice.  In celebration, I decided to break out that lovely cardigan from J. Crew that I blogged about a little while ago.

J. Crew Cardigan, Tinley Road Neclace, 
Gap Skirt, Calvin Klein Shoes

See how I lounge outdoors sans coat!  It was almost warm enough for that, in fact.  Forgive the picture quality, my loves, I am not one of those in possession of a fancy camera.  At any rate, I hope everyone kept their fashion chin up this weekend and, if your weather was nice, let a hint of spring creep in!  Good luck with the week ahead, I know I'll need it (ah, finals, ah!).


Unknown said...

beautiful cardigan!

<3 steffy

Kelsey said...

I want that cardigan! Can we be twins?