Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jersey Shore

the television show is an abomination.  But the real thing, now there's something special.

Francesca's Collection Sweater, Gifted Earrings
Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses, J. Crew Necklace
The weather here on Friday was absolutely stunning, almost 70 degrees and sunny, with just a slight breeze.  While this meant that my death trap of a car was pretty uncomfortable to drive (N.B. Do not let a 17-year-old choose a car with black "leather" upholstery, the A/C may fail one day), it also meant that it was the perfect day to go take a look at the ocean and enjoy the beach for a bit.  I only live a few miles away, and I got the chance while I was waiting to go to my hair appointment in the afternoon.  It was spectacular.

Of course, it made me wish every day here was going to be 70 degrees, but that's just unrealistic.  Speaking of hair appointments and things I think (thought?) are unrealistic, I finally took the plunge and got side bangs (!).  I always get the same haircut, essentially, but I decided to make a change, and I love it!

 I am both surprised...

and pleased :)
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

These photos are amazing, sun, water.

Kelsey said...

Your hair looks so good!!

Lindsey said...

What kind of lipstick is this and does it have staying power? I'm in constant search of good lipstick.