Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What I'm Reading, Week 6

Of course I'm still reading A Voyage Long and Strange, I bought it, and am thus under no pressure to finish it. It's good though, and I'm enjoying little bits and pieces of it as I grab some time for it when I can.

I started and finished Holly Black's Black Heart, whatever, judge me if you want. I'm afraid that I'm finally an adult because the star-crossed love stories in these teen lit books look an awful lot like hormone driven stupidity to me. C'mon y'all, there's nothing wrong with getting you all sorted before you go on hitching your life and all your choices to another human being. You can still date each other in the meantime.

I bet the really good ones wouldn't make me feel that way. But I'm not reading any of those right now because they're ALWAYS ON HOLD. And I've run out of hold spaces. Sigh.

Can't even lie, I'm really off pace right now and it's only February. I got on a knitting jag, and I cannot, in fact, read and knit at the same time. The blanket I'm knitting is turning out great, though, so there's that. Whatever, I'm not getting graded on any of this.

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