Monday, February 23, 2015

Mani Monday: Zoya Neely

Hey hey hey, it's time for Mani Monday. Monday just seems to sneak up without warning every week, don't you think? One second, it's Friday, you blink, and Monday's yapping at you to get up out of bed.

Zoya Neely is a pastel minty green perfect for spring. Formula was good, it self-leveled pretty well and had minimal streakiness, which is always a concern with pastel polishes. I have to say, though I liked this color, it left me a little uninspired. It's entirely possible this is just because the winter is back with a vengeance here in Chicago, which is totally destroying my ability to believe it will end any time in the next four months. I'm having flashbacks of my senior year of college, during which it was 45 degrees every day the last week of May.

But I can't predict the future, all I can do is keep painting my nails. I've been doing so slightly less often lately because my cuticles are busted and my nails are dried out. Anyone have any solutions? Mostly, I've just resorted to compulsive moisturizing with Soap and Glory's Hand Food, my favorite hand cream.

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