Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Totally Missed Mani Monday

Frankly, this will probably have to be it's own series, I can never seem to get my shit together over the weekend. Honestly, though, I was in New Jersey all last week working, so I had to focus on things like commuting and helping my mom pick Christmas decorations. 

Sorry I'm not sorry that I'm not sorry.

Julep Fazia is the only color I was excited about for the Novemver Maven box, so I went ahead and got a core collection box and just added this sucker on. I'm glad I did, although I expected it too be more red and less brown than it turned out. Still, I think it's a really lovely fall color, just a hint of shimmer, and it generally agrees with my color palette for the season. It actually reminds me of one of my favorite fall/winter colors from a few years ago, Essie Sassy Satchel, but with more red and a significantly better formula.

So that's that. Here's a picture of a puppy I saw yesterday.

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