Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Original Lush Bath Bomb

I get stressed out. Do you get stressed out? Of course you do, you're a human. Unless you're also a psychopath, in which case you probably don't get stressed out. Good for you. Just try to remember that you can be a psychopath and still not break any laws. Not that you care.

That got weird.

Back to those of us who get stressed out. Do you like baths? I used to think I hated baths, but then I learned that when you're an adult, you can draw the bath as hot as you want and tell everyone to leave you the fuck alone until you unwind from whatever fresh hell you've just experienced. And then you can take a shower afterwards to get actual clean.

Great, so now that we've gotten rid of the psychopaths and people who don't like baths/have a bathtub, I'm gonna tell you a secret that most of you already know so it's not actually a secret:

LUSH bath bombs are the shit.

I'm specifically thinking of the first one they created, Blackberry, which allegedly smells of blackberry, bergamot oil, and frankincense. As far as I'm concerned, it actually smells like a double bird to the haters and feels like GD silk sheets, not to mention it turns your bath purple. This isn't a sponsored post, but I'm gonna go ahead and tell you to just spend the $6.35 plus tax and give yourself a bath time treat once a month. If it makes you half as happy as it makes me, it'll be totally worth it.

N.B. Goes great with a nice cold glass of wine.

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