Monday, May 26, 2014

Let's Ruffle Some Feathers

My apologies for the posting delay! Last week was crazy, what with my little sister's graduation. I'll have some pictures from that up this week, but for today, I've got a great color for this summer...

This is Essie's Ruffles & Feathers from the Summer 2014 collection. Of the six shades released, this struck me the most. It's a beautiful teal with strong green undertones that's just perfect for the summer. It's slightly bluer than it appears above, evocative of the ocean (or Lake Michigan) on a perfect ten day. The best part? We've got a bona fide one coat wonder here. The above picture shows a single coat with top coat after two days of wear.

Verdict: Expect my feathers to ruffle repeatedly with this shade in the coming weeks.

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