Monday, May 5, 2014

Adventures in Art!

My best friend is in town! In my Googling of things to do this past weekend, I discovered that Bank of America has a program through which they offer free admission to select museums for BoA cardholders.  Since I love both museums and free things, I jumped on that like woah, and we decided to check out the Art Institute of Chicago. I've only been about twice previously, once to see a specific exhibit to the exclusion of many other works, so my excitement level reached pretty outrageous levels.

We decided to take this opportunity to focus on the museum's Impressionist collection, a truly admirable grouping of works from that movement.  I've always most loved Monet's paintings of Charing Cross Bridge and Waterloo Bridge in London.  The mellow mood calms me enormously.

It was a gorgeous day and I'm glad to have had it with my number one friend.  You better believe I'll be going back the next time I can manage so I can further explore the museum's beautiful collection of art through the ages.

Have you ever had the pleasure of visiting the Art Institute?

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