Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Okay, so I have this problem where I love Rachel Zoe.  I say it's a problem because the similarities between our lives are non-existent.  I challenge you to name one (other than that we are both women, because that is stupid, cheaters).  I love her show, I love her sass, and I love the clothes she designed, as did everybody else, as you may have noticed.

Am I politely overlooking the fact that she's thinner than I can possibly comprehend?  Yes, yes I am.  And you might be asking yourself, "Why, Harris, why are you looking past such a thing, even as you sit getting popcorn butter all over your keyboard while you're typing this?"  Well, I'll tell you, friends...

Rachel Zoe is making me want to wear my fingernails shorter.

I KNOW.  It's hard to fathom.  We all know, at this point, that I love painting my nails more than is healthy for someone who (allegedly) has friends.  But it is precisely because of nail polish that I want to wear them shorter.  Watching her show, I see her short, but still elegant, nails, covered in the most beautiful red wine nail polish and I WANT THAT FOR ME.

Seriously, does anybody know what polish it is?  Or can anyone recommend some colors that could help me approximate my burning desire to emulate Rachel in this one small facet of my life?


Also, popcorn is a delicious treat, you should really all go have some right now.


Anonymous said...

i found it i found it harris!
zoya's riley!
all i had to do was stalk her twitter - YOU SHOULD GET A TWITTER. YOU'RE MISSING EVERYTHING.

also you're welcome.

Mary Lane said...

I love Rachel Zoe and all her Zoe-isms ("bananas," "major," etc.). I will totally be copying her nail polish, especially since i already have short nails.

Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

Love the nails, such a sexy color.

Anonymous said...

I am obsessed with R Zoe too. I even make the BF sit through her show on Bravo. I would say that I want her closet but nothing would fit me as I'm not child sized... PS I am so down with short nails since I snag mine on stuff all the damn time!

Fash Boulevard said...

Hey Love. In honor of my Birthday today I'm doing a major $150 gift card to my favorite jewelry designer's website. I hope you'll join. xo